I created this Blog because I wanted to share with you my experience living in Los Angeles for three and one half years.

When the recession of 2008 hit, we had to make a decision on our future.  We had been living in the same home for 17 years but my husband could not find work in the area.  He was offered a job in Los Angeles and decided he had to take it.  I had  pretty good income, however, decided it would be best to pack up and move to a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment.

The apartment turned out to be a lot of fun.  It was at the Americana at Brand in Glendale.  The theme of this place was Resort Living.  On the ground floor, there were upscale shops and restaurants.  On the second floor there were apartments, a first class work out room and apartments. The third and fourth floors were apartments.  The flooring was wood flooring and tile in the kitchen and bathroom.  The ceilings were high so it made it feel like you were in a larger unit than it was.  The deck overlooked an area of shopping.

The mall itself was beautiful.  There was a magnificent fountain.  The grass was changed out every two weeks so there were no dead spots.  There is a trolly that drives around the main area of the mall.  At Christmas time, they changed all of the flowers to red and white, brought in a sixty foot Christmas Tree and built a temporary Santa house.  They would bring in one guy every year to be Santa Clause.  He lived on site and worked 12 hours a day.  They never used a different Santa Clause as they wanted the children to see the same person.

When they would bring in the tree they brought extra branches.  They would drill holes into the tree to make it a perfect looking tree.  A couple times per week, they would make it snow.  Pretty sure it was soap but it was pretty cool.