My weekend’s finale

I had no idea I was gonna turn this into a quadrilogy, which is probably what Ridley Scott said about the Alien franchise. There’s a fifth movie out now though, so I’ll take up the four-story franchise for him. After Steph’s family finished shouting and accusing each other of cheating in Monopoly on a PlayStation 4, it was finally our turn to use the PS4. I signed into my profile on her account and downloaded my save data for all our mutual games from the cloud, which sounds pretty complex but isn’t really that difficult. The one game we pretty much exclusively play these days is called The Binding of Isaac, which is a roguelike game. If I had to describe it by using an older game as comparison, the closest one would be the original Legend of Zelda games before they made the transition to 3D.

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However, this game features procedurally generated dungeons, so the levels will be different each time you play them (to a certain degree).  The game itself is extremely difficult, and will destroy you in seconds if you don’t know what you’re doing. Although Steph is the reason I got the game, I actually accomplished way more than her and I did it a lot faster. By beating a final boss with each different character in the game, (there’s around 10) you unlock different items that could potentially spawn in a future playthrough. But since I completed more than Steph, she always loves to watch me play and use all these new items that she’s never seen before. There’s actually also co-op in the game where you can share a screen and the second player spawns as  “co-op baby”, and they do half your damage but they consume your character’s health to spawn.


The game stresses me out so much that sometimes I feel like I’ll need a Chiropractor in Reno. All in all, we always play it when we’re together at each other’s houses so we played it for 3 hours yesterday while I was at her house. Because of the positioning of her TV, I laid on my stomach next to Steph which my dad says is strictly against the rules because you’re never supposed to be close to a girl even when her whole family is in the next room and the door is wide open. They can see any movement we make, and we’re just playing games.  We still had fun anyways, and her entire family loves me except for her stepdad. Her mom actually invited me to come over again in the future