Favorite class last year

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll tell you the answer to the riddle. I’m a high schooler. What a twist, who could have guessed? Anyways, I’ve been thinking about my junior year since I’m going back to Oregon in less than a month (sadly) and it’s going to suck. Actually, it might, it might not. I just can’t decide where I want to go for college because none of the schools sound that different to me. Maybe I just haven’t looked deeply enough into the specifics of each school. In any event, reflecting on the last school year made me think about which classes I liked the most. The class that I enjoyed the most, by far, was my Psychology B class.

Psychology A was kinda interesting and stuff, but all the content we learned was just plain boring. Nothing really held my attention, except for the clock. It was the last class of the day during my first trimester. Psych B, however, was chock-full of seniors who couldn’t care less about the class. They just needed the credit before they graduated in three months. It probably helped that I knew most of the seniors in that class, and they were all super cool. I had known most of them for the entire year, and they were way more welcoming than my own classmates who I’ve known since elementary school but can’t seem to remember me. We did a bunch of fun projects and got to watch movies, and our teacher was pretty laid back. She really liked me, so that helped. I even got to do a guided meditation with my class where I had to hypnotize them with my words to help them relax.

Good thing I have a seductive voice. The seniors last year got to leave two weeks early, because there were so many snows days and they couldn’t postpone graduation. So after all the seniors left, there were only three juniors in the class, including myself. At that point, my teacher would just leave to go get groceries or do some tasks that she wouldn’t normally be allowed to do during her job. If she was smart, she would have gone to get a Miami Restaurant Hood Cleaning. She was selling her house so she had to make a lot of phones calls. That meant we could do whatever we wanted, so we usually just ended up leaving the classroom. It was my second to last class of the day, but if I didn’t have microbiology then I could have just left and gone home.