Finally getting some real days off of school

For the first time this year, we are getting a few days off from school. This thursday and friday are grading and planning days, so we won’t have school then. It’s a good chance for me to catch up on some schoolwork, and actual work too. I didn’t get to finish my hours this weekend because we literally spent four hours at Todd and Mary’s, so we didn’t get home until super late. I had to study as soon as I got home, because I took my Economics midterm earlier today during second period. It still kinda sucks that I won’t be alone though. My new 2DS should arrive today, so that’s super exciting. The break should have happened last week, because then I would have been alone for all of Friday and I could have done more stuff. My buddy in Vegas didn’t have any school last week, so he got to go with his dad to work every day.

Overall, he learned a lot about las vegas liquor licenses which is a great field to be in. Plus then I probably would have had more time to do all of the work for my teammates. The project is due during my next period, but it should be perfect. I slaved away for hours on it, after all. Everything’s a choice. Seniors have school on wednesday, but I’m not sure whether or not I actually need to go. I’m waiting for 5th period so I can ask my teacher about it. Freshmen have to do this “psychology of the brain” or something like that. I wasn’t here for freshman or sophomore year, so I haven’t experienced any of these projects that they’re doing.

I think sophomores and juniors are taking the PSAT, which is the practice SAT. The SAT is a college placement exam that is mandatory unless you take the ACT, which I did. They’re only slightly different, just for different subjects I think. Finally, seniors have this workshop thing where there’s three 25-minute rotations. It’s just a bunch of college stuff that we’ve all already heard before. Juniors actually have it the worst, because there’s a ton of testing they have to do. Smarter balance testing is up next, I’m pretty sure